Action Games

Tron: you draw a track, stopping is impossible and everything you touch is deadly. In this version, I have scrapped the two-player mode.

Tron (2006-2007)

Breakout (small cells version). After I had discovered a quirk of Excel, for me the fun was over (I should redo it totally to fix it) so it certainly is not finished. It is all done with colored cells.

breakout (2005)

Breakout (form version). A quick test to try it in a Excel Form. Worked pretty well. I updated it in 2008

Breakout (2005)

Stellar Triumph Based on a Commodore 64 I game liked. It even has a start/stop button. On the second tab you can change game parameters like the gravity of the sun (negative: bouncing buttons).

Stellar triumph

Mambo: someone told me about trying to make the game Mambo for Excel. I didnít know the game but made this based on the description in a few hours. Nothing special but still OK to play. Eat the balls before the countdown ends because then it will change into a wall.


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