Non games

Spirograph: it has a few random parameters and some random colors (it changes the standard excel color palette, which takes a few seconds) and then starts to generate a nice pattern. Press the button ‘maak bitmap’ to save the pattern as a bitmap. the pixels you see are all coloured Excel cells.


Some math stuff. Just like the previous one the program calculates the color of a cell based on some sort of formula. This one has only one formula. To change the pattern you have to delve into the code. I think this formula uses tan()

Beauty eh?

Morphing letters. Every character has a definition of a few points and Excel draws the character based on that and creates transitions between the different characters.
A nice little effect with some pretty neat and well documented code.

morphing letters

Particles. A not very good particle simulator. They all have mass and can merge, thereby gaining mass.


Ant simulator: two competing ant colonies build a nest, foraging, defending and attacking. No user input whatsoever. Except to start the thing.


Sinusidal: just some random standard Excel shapes moving and rotating according to some sinus patterns. Looks nice though. Use Escape to leave full screen mode. Start the first macro.


Random midi’s:
This program creates random songs based on a few parameters and some in-programmed music logic.

Getting the parameters right is not very easy and I saved the file for new nice parameters AND new code. So you could have a new version, where you would have more freedom and possibilities, but you would have  rubbish parameters.

This version is just the latest in all its ugliness.

I used to be very paranoid, people would steal this brilliant (ahem) idea. But there have been quite a few better programs available now. And who wants to trudge through ugly badly documented VBA code?

Random midi music

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