Simple Games

The spelling game. The aim is to make the longest words possible It uses the built-in spelling checker. If set to "English" is you will have to make English words
A not very catchy game.

spelling (2005)

Ballenbak. Use the cursor keys or click on the arrows to get the 4 balls in a row.

ballenbak (2005)

4 in a row, the classic game. As it often happens, I not really managed to create a (duh) clever computer
I still have a better version somewhere , but can not find it.

4 op een rij (2003)

Sliding Puzzle: You should try to get all the colors in the correct order (horizontal lines). On the sides are buttons that if you use the cursor keys will slide a one row left or right. Start with the macro "maak_puzzel".

Schuifpuzzel (2005)

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