Tactical Games

Monopoly, the old board game. If enter a name staring with "comp" start, then it is a computer-controlled (but not too smart) player.

monopoly (2004)

Risk, a game that I used to work until a few years ago. this version has an embedded bitmap which makes it very big. the computer opponents are not the smartest.

Risk1 (2006)

A second version thatís a lot smaller but the readability is worse. I had some ideas about the AI, but doing it in VBA was just too much of a hassle.

Risk 2 (2007-2010)

Seafaring game. I started this game a few months before the re-release of Pirates by Sid Meier. You could trade, attack ships, you had reputation and the villages were dynamical. I had a lot of fun trying to make it work, but then the game Pirates was released and showed how crappy my game was. I never updated it again.

Seafaring game

Dallas (OEL), I copied the basic listing of this old C64 game  and made it work in Excel (sort of). I removed a bug and added AI players. The game is in German and I donít know who made this game (even the internet doesnít know). I just did the port.


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