Excel the boring spread sjheet program. .  or is it?

Someone had shown me how you could program in Excel .
Using the help file , I delved into the mysteries of Excel VBA and discovered what you could make it do .

Initially I used my new skills for various reports and timesheet .

Then one day I was staring at an boring report a light shone down on me and suddenly I heard a voice say, " Use your skills for entertainment! "
I found out you could also do fun things with Excel and with the added advantage : you could take the programs to work without violating the computer guidelines!
Exball was my first experiment , and many followed .
I made them for my own enjoyment , and most programs are far from finished , because at some point lost interest the project.

Still, I hope people enjoy them here .

Comments and tips are certainly welcome.

send them to “excel < that a.t. sign> <dot> goerp.nl”
(this is my low budget pathetic attempt at stopping spam ).

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